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REVIEW: Kick-Ass 2

REVIEW: Kick-Ass 2

The best part of “Kick-Ass 2”: Chloe Grace Moretz.  You can’t take your eyes off this girl. She’s one of the best of “yout” Hollywood.  Aaron Taylor-Johnson reprises his role as the first real life super hero and Christopher Mintz- PLasse (I guess everyone in starring roles in this has to have 3 names ) turns from  real life super hero wanna-be to become the first  real life super villain, who names himself Mother (blank).

The movie is at its height when it’s comic-booky and ironic.  The anti-bullying theme with Hit Girl taking on the mean girls of  high school is priceless.   But as a whole, the movie just isn’t  fun , fresh and shocking – who can forget the mouth on  the younger Hit Girl??!!

This one’s meaner, nastier and worse,  uber bloody. Not in a  pulpy way . I can understand why Jim Carrey didn’t want to promote his own movie.  Some of the violence had me cringing at the thought of 14 year olds  seeing this- because that’s exactly who will want to see this film.

1-and-a-half stars


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